What It’s Like At Sunnyside Acura

Sunnyside Acura has made our customers happy and taken care of our employees for over 35 years.

Our focus is our customers, our employees, and our community.

Without satisfied and motivated Associates, we would not be able to please so many customers.

At Sunnyside Acura we have a long history of helping people become great at what they do and making sure they enjoy it.

Sunnyside Acura Overview – About Us

Since we opened in 1988, several members of our team have come to our company as entry level staff and grown into high-ranking employees. Through their determination and the guidance and training from our leadership team, several of these individuals were given the opportunity to take additional responsibility, and in many cases, achieve a position in management.

Our employees are what makes us who we are, we would not be where we are today without the dedication and pride our team demonstrates daily.

Sunnyside Acura has achieved numerous accolades and awards, including the recent earning of the Acura Precision Team Award. This is the 20th time we have won this prestigious award (14 years in a row), which is based on:

  • Completed training by our sales and service staff
  • Facility condition, appearance, and technology
  • Business practices
  • And most importantly, customer approval

The accolades we value most come to us as feedback directly from our valued clients. Examples of how our customers were impressed beyond their expectations by one or more associates are welcome and not uncommon. Support of local charitable causes have earned us words of appreciation from the Nashua police and firefighters as well as the NH state police. In addition, individuals who seek assistance for the funding of worthy endeavors are given consideration and support to the extent we can, given the numerous requests that are received by us weekly.

Sunnyside Acura Sales Department
Sunnyside Acura Service Department